Leave No Ball Player Behind

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In memory of John Lawrence Danielson
8/31/39 – 10/3/16

The Leave No Ballplayer Behind is a very important aspect of our effort to further the game of baseball for youth. We do not want to see an enthusiastic potential child not get the chance to learn or continue playing ball because the family is struggling financially. Our desire is to offer assistance through this program and grow the game of baseball, one child at a time. 

Each year, pending financing or Donations, the Foundation will spend up to $10,000 to sponsor ballplayers, ages 5 to 18, who are in need of financial assistance (players must still be attending high school). This scholarship extends to elementary, junior high, and high school baseball, special needs baseball programs, and youth league participants. The money will be awarded to the parent(s) and the coach or recreation program, and can be used to cover registration fees, uniforms and equipment needed to participate. Parents of applicant must return a copy of 1040 tax return form, free or reduced lunch program documentation if applicable, and a recommendation letter from a baseball coach or unrelated third party such as a principal, pastor or close friend. The Foundation expects each participant to maintain good grades, sportsmanship, leadership and citizenship through team play. All information will be held in strict confidence by the foundation for sole purposes of determining qualification need for the Leave No Ballplayer Behind scholarship.